Your First Office – Woohoo!

So, you decided to take the plunge and rent your first office!

Well done!

This is the first step to growing your business.

Now what?

Thoughts of rent, electricity, telephone and wi-fi accounts loom over your head and you’re feeling stressed already.  But, let’s start with the small stuff first before you get carried away.

Getting that office looking all professional like

It’s all well and good having your very own office space, but it won’t help you if it’s just a shell with no egg! First things first is kitting it out with some office furniture.

Office Space_The Bureaux _101

Decide on:

  • How many desks you need – is it just you or will you have a receptionist, maybe an administrator? – or perhaps you are part of a partnership?
  • What kind of storage space will suffice – nowadays you can digitise almost everything, and if you haven’t start to move in that direction, you should consider it – paper is so last year! However, if you need to keep originals, decide on cupboards and drawers
  • Whether you want a meeting area – in rental office buildings, like The Bureaux, often times there are many restaurants around where you can meet with clients and colleagues, but if you want your own space, then consider a small pause area in your new office- all it requires is a small table and a few chairs
  • Artwork & Aesthetics – not a necessity when you just start out but it can make the office warmer and more inviting

The team at Saks Corner Furniture have assisted us in kitting out our tenants many times, and look forward to hearing from you.

Tech it out!

From your wi-fi setup to your digital storage system, make sure you have that sorted before you move in.  Telephone lines are not always a must, seen as most have smartphones nowadays, but if you want a Lan line, then you best book that early with Telkom or whomever you choose to go with.

Stationery and all that stuff

When you need a pen, you better have one.  Getting your basic stationery needs in order is a good thing, and that doesn’t just include pens and pencils. What about filing trays, pen and pencil holders, lever arch files, those cute little plastic folders for client visits, calculators, staplers, and all that jazz.

You don’t want to be running over to the neighbour to borrow stationery every few minutes, do you? (unless there is eye candy over there, of course).  But, seriously, if you’re stuck, reach out to Cartridge and Stationery Solutions  – You Ring – They Bring!  Perfect!

Office Space_The Bureaux _102

Electronic much?

Your dinosaur desktop may have sufficed when you worked from home, but now that you’re a lean mean mobile machine, you need to be looking at other electronic devices.  A laptop works best, so that you can move around with it. (you know, you will be taking work home with you now, bud) and you will be needing to print, so a good quality printer is a requirement.

Laminator?  Shredder?  What else do you need?

And, what do you know, Cartridge and Stationery Solutions can help you out here as well!

So, now that you know what all you will need to get your office ship shape, be sure to set your sights on growing that business from strength to strength.

And, if you’ve started back to front and actually don’t have your heart set on an office as yet, The Bureaux has some lovely little and larger office spaces, ready for you to sign up for either 6 or 12 month lease agreements.