If you’re planning to either move office or move from home to an independent office next year, the 2nd quarter of this year is the best time to start planning.


Well, at The Bureaux, we have all the reasons right here why planning your 2020 office move now is a good idea.



The right office for your needs does not just rock up in your email inbox or as a pop-up on Google.  You need to go looking for that perfect office.  Giving yourself time to find it will mean no rushing around and being disappointed because you left it too long.   Sure, we understand that many offices won’t be putting their rental feelers out now for next year, but you can start making a list of potential office blocks you like, and asking if any of the tenants leases are coming to an end January 2020.  Rental agents always like to have options, and if they have a suspicion that their tenant might not be renewing, they will be very glad to have you as a possibility.

Very often, there will be a new set of offices being built now, scheduled to be ready for the new year, or an office rental space company, such as The Bureaux, may be opening up new offices in their existing buildings.  Get those in your sights now!


January is a popular time to move and so you may find that the moving companies will be fully booked up.  So, to secure their services way in advance, with a tentative date in January, look at booking them now.  They may require a small deposit, but if you give them enough notice to cancel the move, they will make it a refundable deposit.


From telephone lines to internet connections, you want to book these quite far in advance, or at least find out the procedure to apply.  With tech the way it is today, there are many offerings on the table and all of the service providers are fighting for their piece of the cake.  They will be very open to putting a package deal together for you which could include lan lines and wi-fi connection, either the traditional way or as Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP).



Moving into new offices just wouldn’t be the same without new office furniture.  Get wise and look to a mix of both old and new.  See whether you can revamp what you have (there are tons of furniture renovators) or look to buying some sweet new office furniture.  If you are going to go custom-made, then time needs to be on your side, so the earlier you order, the better.

In addition to new furniture, consider a new way of working.  Now is the time to look at more efficient ways to do what you do.  Project Management Platforms are a dime a dozen, but there is that perfect one just for what you do.  Some are free and others come at a price, but again, knowing which is right for you will take some time.  Do your homework now so that when you move in, you’re all trained up, your staff are all in the know, and you can jump in with both feet.

The Bureaux has premium spaces currently available and more opening up soon, so be sure to ask us and let’s get you ready for your new fab office.