You may not realise it, but colour has a powerful effect on us.

Psychologists will tell you that certain colours have certain meanings and will invoke a certain feeling in us.  If that be the case, and we aren’t experts on colour psychology, then the use of colour in our offices is vital. At The Bureaux, we are very aware of colour and encourage our tenants to decorate with care.  They are also, after all, adverts for our shared office and co-working rentals.

While many businesses will lean towards the colours that represent their brand, it may not always be the best idea.

And, some will go with that minimalist look and have an office space devoid of colour.  Also, not the best way.

So, what is it about colour and how can you use it effectively in your co-working, shared office space or own office so to increase productivity levels?


That there is colour in your office is already a good thing and can enhance a person’s mood.  Think about a creche.  Most times there is loads of colour all around.  We have always wondered about that and whether it might hype the kids up too much.  But, the aim of the colour is to create a positive and happy environment.  When it is time to calm down or take a nap, there is generally an area with more subdued colours.

An office space that has splashes of colour will definitely increase the mood.  It may be on the floors or the walls.  It may be the chairs that line the boardroom table or it could be the artwork on the walls.



Many companies will segment their colour within their office walls.  High impact and fast-paced activity areas will be abuzz with colour, with the view to increasing the spirits and creative juices of their employees.

Other areas, where concentration is required – perhaps the accounts and finance area or data capturing department, will have muted colours, with a view to bringing about a calm and thought-provoking feel.

However, there are colours that work best when it comes to increasing productivity and there are a few, dependent on the area within the office space.


Where the workers need to be physical and need to use their bodies, red does well.


For tasks that require focus and communication, blue is your colour.


For those that are needing to burn the candle and work long hours, green is great – think about a hospital environment.


Reception areas and sales offices would do well to have a little yellow around.


Not a colour you thought you would see here, but grey can bring across a professional and sleek exterior.  It is best to pair grey with another brighter colour so to avoid a depressing and clinical environment.

Give some thought to how your office looks and whether certain colours could improve, not only the look and feel, but the productivity levels.

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