Why a  Co-Working Spaces is perfect for Start-ups

It all starts with an idea and develops into a passion and then a real concept.

While many businesses begin as either a franchise bought into, or a take-over/merging of partnerships, there are those that begin as start-ups with a lick and a promise.  For start-ups, watching the cashflow very closely is everything.  Keeping costs down is paramount when all you are relying on is that passionate idea.

Co-working spaces are perfect for start-ups for that very reason, and so much more.


What start-ups must consider before booking their co-working space

At the Bureaux, we see many new businesses move in and quickly grow beyond their cubicle or office.  We see this quite often at our Woodstock Office space as well as the Sea Point work space.  It is wonderful to spectate, and we feel a sense of pride, knowing that we have somehow contributed to their growth by providing them with their first professional work space.

While we encourage start-ups to join our eclectic mix of business owners, there are some areas to consider before booking that co-working space.


As mentioned, every penny needs to be considered with a start-up, and because co-working or renting our office space can be so cost effective, it is a good place to start.  Co-working open plan spaces or cubicles can be amongst the cheapest rental arrangements a start-up can find.  Even leasing your own complete lock up and go office space with the Bureaux can be extremely well worth it.

There is something special and confident boosting about having your very own work space.  Sure, you can get away with that lounge or spare room office, but when things start to happen, it is just better with a separate office environment.  Somewhere you can go to and leave, without infringing on your home life.

Collab & Networking Opportunities

The opportunity of developing collaborations within the co-working and office rental space is high.  No matter whether you have your own separate office or are part of a rental hot desk space, you can mingle with the other entrepreneurs.  In fact, we encourage it.  We have seen many casual networking dates turn into massive revenue projects and even partnerships.



While we don’t want our tenants to leave, we know that every start-up strives to grow.  But, no worries there, we have various sizes of office space available across our three Cape Town locations, Woodstock, Sea Point and Waterfront.  From singular desk spaces to co-working open plan areas, on to separate offices, you are really spoilt for choice.


Again, as monthly spend is to be watched closely, know what amenities the co-working spaces can offer a start-up.  From the communal kitchen area and possible free coffees and teas, to the private meeting rooms.  At the Bureaux, each of our different locations offer varied amenities as standard add-ons.  Explore our three locations benefits to see which one would suit you best.

If you are a start-up with an idea and a dream, we encourage you to join our growing community of shared office space entrepreneurs.

We look forward to hooking you up with your very first away-from-home working space.

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