The Digital Nomad – Why Coworking Spaces are perfect for them

They are an anomaly.  They are sometimes thought of as an urban legend.  Aptly known as a Digital Nomad, this is a creature that flits in and out, leaving a trail of code, media and words behind them.

What is a Digital Nomad?

It is, essentially, a person who can work from anywhere, so long as they have their laptop, some power and a wi-fi connection.  Most times Digital Nomads are creatives falling under other such names as, copywriters, freelancers, graphic designers, coders, web designers, social media marketers, and a few others.  They also don’t work within normal working hours, tending to often come across as vampires, only surfacing at night and rarely seen during the day.

Sure, we are overdramatising this a bit, but they really are a breed of their own.

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Why are Coworking spaces perfect for Digital Nomads?

Due to their ability to work from anywhere, they normally don’t have a home or at least a dedicated work space.  Some Digital Nomads travel a lot and end up either begging off friends for some bum space or frequenting cafes, getting all high on caffeine.

With the coworking spaces available across the world The Bureaux has teamed up with Loop so that when the traveller isn’t in Cape Town, they can choose from a myriad of countries where other coworking spaces exist.  And, the great part of all of this is that they get 2 days free if they sign up for the Loop membership!

Some may ask, why would a Digital Nomad want an office space, or for that matter, need one?  They can work anywhere, anytime, provided they have their laptop hooked up to electricity and they can be online.

Good question, but there are downfalls to being holed up in some shady sidewalk café or sitting on a beach, wind whipping you around, and weirdos walking by.

Wi-Fi Woes

Some coffee shops, bless them for trying, have dodgy wi-fi connections, which result, often times, in downloads being disturbed, erratic email sending and receiving, and if they are working on online platforms, such as Asana, Slack, Zoom and Skype, poor reception and the risk of losing work.  Not to mention that they really don’t know how secure the connections are.  The last thing they need is to be hacked and to possibly have all their clients confidential data stolen.

Connections are Key

Being part of a coworking environment can open up many collab opportunities, especially as a creative.  This business incubator can render, not only great partnerships, but possible lifelong friendships.  Just think, smelly Joe, sitting across the way, may seem odd and stinky, but he is a whizz with coding, and he can help take that app idea to another level.

Flexibility Forever

As a Digital Nomad, they may work for just a few months in one city and then move on to another.  Or, they may actually want to move around within one city.  That the Bureaux has three options in Cape Town really can help spread the love equally.

Advice in Abundance

Everyone may seem to be totally involved in their own stuff, but we have seen people build great relationships within the coworking spaces, and even help each other out with small business advice.  You will be pleasantly surprised as to what kind of people frequent these connected work places, especially in Cape Town.

So, Digital Nomads, ready for productive coworking spaces to help you grow your business?

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