Sure, you only need your laptop, a power supply and a cuppa java to get your creative juices flowing.

We get that freelancers and free agents work a little differently to most.  But, have you considered how a coworking space can boost your creativity even more?

With a productive, connected work place in Cape Town, you could be cooking up the perfect storm with fellow creatives.  There is something to be said for collabs and what could be the most perfect spot for this than a shared office space?

The purpose of the Pause Area?

 Well, let’s educate you.


As the name depicts, it is good to pause and regroup.  A short break can be as good as a holiday, even if it is in the confines of your office.  The Pause Area is often in a communal kitchen but it is so much more than a place to go eat and make coffee.  A good Pause Area has a few chairs, tables, and if possible, a lounge area.   (more on this later)

One will find colleagues sitting or just staring out of the window.  What are they doing exactly, you may ask?  Pausing.  Pondering.  Or, at least trying to get their head out of work mode for a moment.  Even if you do think about work, the different and more relaxed environment may help you to solve a niggling problem or come up with a new idea.


There is something to be said for timeouts.  Much like when you were a child and you were sent to the corner to “think about what you had done”, well a Pause Area in your office space can help you to contemplate and come back with a fresh mind.  Whether you are in a shared office space or have your own office, productivity can ebb and wane.

A couple of rules when it comes to increasing productivity in an office, whether it be a co-working environment or your own office space, are:

  • Reduce distractions
  • Prioritise
  • Use tools that will help you be more efficient
  • Keep a positive attitude
  • Take breaks

The Pause Area can be that very place to take a well-deserved break.  Stats show that people who manage their day well, with a mix of structured tasks and breaks, find they get more done.

The Bureaux - Time Manangemnt


These sound like opposites, but the Pause Area needs to have a few salient features in order for it to work.

  1. The right seating

As mentioned, seating is necessary and the comfier the better.  Loungers, soft pillows and little pockets of chairs can work well

  1. Media distraction

A TV is a great idea, or a radio.  This will help one take your mind away from work.  What’s on that TV is up to management.  But, what works well is News channels, sports or interesting facts series

  1. Games

A pool table – board games – a pack of cards – and some companies even go the step further with a gaming console.  For a sales team, the competition can be great – for the others, just a little playful game time can help to reboot

  1. Away from work

It goes without saying, or maybe not, that the Pause Area needs to be far away from the office area.  If there is to be a TV or noise elevation, it shouldn’t be a distraction to those who are working.

If your current office space doesn’t allow for a Pause Area, consider reaching out to us at the Bureaux and see what we have to offer in the way of shared office space or co-working offices.

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