Have a business = must buy office!


Sure, it may seem like a good idea to invest in your business and purchase property for your office, but there are many reasons to reconsider that idea.  We explore the beauty of renting office space vs. buying.


The obvious pro is that renting is definitely cheaper than buying.  Yes, we understand that owning an office means you have full control, no issues with maintenance, and possible notices to get out.  But, renting the right office can offer all that too and will cost you less.


Working remotely has become a real buzz phrase and doesn’t just mean working from home or from a coffee shop.  Remote working means finding a space that works well for your particular style of working and type of work.  A shared office space or a rented office allows you that freedom, for you and your staff or outsourced workers.  With a co-working or hot desk style working environment, you can decide on the number of hours you want to be at the office, paying only for those number of hours, and can move in and out without worrying about locking up, paying for the lights to be on, and stocking up the kitchen. (just a few benefits – check out our other blog on the benefits of shared office spaces).


Often is with start-ups or those that went through bad times, so when you can’t get credit on a bond for an office, a rental option can prove a little easier.  In turn, getting out of a bond arrangement can be much tougher than getting out of an office rental agreement.


If you’re heavy into outsourcing most of your work and don’t want staff, but do need a space to entertain customers, purchasing an office may seem like a plan, but rental is still better.  Finding that perfect office space to buy that suits your need and desk space can be hard.  There are many rental options in and around Cape Town that offer flexible plans dependent on your need.

Whatever you need, The Bureaux has that perfect rental space for you – from shared offices to independent office rentals, all sizes and styles, as well as co-working environments.  Our 3 very different locations are perfect for you. Simply get in touch and let us show you want we have on offer.

If you’re interested in looking at our month to month plans, please reach out today.

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