Coworking Office Space Is A Great Option For Your Start-up Business

So you’ve decided to start your own business and are wondering whether getting office space will be a viable option or not. With most things being online these days it’s easy to feel as if the best possible option for a successful business operation would be to just work from home or visit a coffee shop or two.  Co-working offices space might just be the best option for you.


It’s more affordable

Renting your own dedicated office space is always the ideal for a growing company.The Bureaux office suites are the ideal solution for companies that need their own space, but what about the startups? There is a strong startup culture in Cape Town that can be nurtured in shared office spaces such as The Bureaux.  A major factor in any startup is reducing unwanted overheads. Keeping your rental low and at the same time benefiting from top class office space can give your business the leg up that it so drastically needs. As a new entrepreneur it’s also nice to have the company of others that have been in the game for period of time. True entrepreneurs are willing to share stories and connections and those impromptu brainstorming sessions help keep the isolation factor at bay. Allowing your mind to come up with those great ideas!

More access, more control:

Most offices spaces have a strict closing policy usually from around 8 to 5 most days, another great aspect about co working  spaces is that they are usually open most days after hours giving one freedom to really immerse oneself in their work after hours. The Bureaux spaces are all equipped with secure finger print access technology, allowing you access to your space whenever you need it.

Cheaper startup costs

Another really pertinent reason why coworking office spaces are great for startup businesses is for the very simple reason that your costs will be drastically reduced. When you make use of shared desk space you obviously have the benefit of a larger office space but with a fraction of the overhead. Your startup budget can be spent on marketing and putting systems into place that automate time consuming tasks. The Bureaux offers Fast uncapped internet to all members which is essential to any startup, and fully kitted out meeting room facilities are on offer to wow those clients. All the benefits, fraction of the cost.

Great networking opportunities

Another invaluable aspect about working in a co-working office space is that it really is an extremely easy way in which to network. You won’t have to make small talk at a function or bar anymore, you’ll get all of that under one roof in a coworking space you are comfortable with and around people you are going to get to know. The Bureaux has had more than a few success stories with regards to companies working together that have met via our shared office space. This could turn your business from a small operation to a thriving operation. You can also make use of our online directory service which you can use to showcase your business to the world via our website.

Carpooling and Public Transport

Another way in which to drastically reduce costs for your start up business is opt to run a car pool system, having shared office spaces helps greatly in this, fuel prices are increasing every month this is a way to curb expenses and save some valuable money that can be utilised in other capcities. Another great option is to make use of the fantastic public transport system in Cape Town which operates directly to all Bureaux locations in Cape Town. Simply take the bus to work.

Coworking space has many benefits to young startups. And please chat to us regarding the services we offer startups such as our business services packages which are on offer to aid your venture.

Contact us today for further information or to book a tour of our spaces.