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Reputation Matters measures and manages organisations’ reputations using our unique measuring tool, the Repudometer®.

With the reputation research tool, we will help you to quantify your organisation’s reputation. From the results we can then help you to implement strategies to take your reputation to the next level.

The whole organisation plays a role in how the business is perceived, and ultimately impacts its reputation. A reputation is built on perceptions, it is not necessarily the truth, it is however someone’s reality; we will help you to identify that ‘reality’ so that you can either build, manage or repair your reputation. Research has shown that an improved reputation has a direct positive impact on a company’s bottom line.

We look at ten different dimensions of an organisation, including elements such as leadership, employees, partners, value offering and communication etc. The Repudometer® allows for closed and open ended questions that are sent to your key stakeholder groups. Each group (generally) has a different perception of your organisation. The results allow us to identify exactly which part of the business is being positively or negatively perceived by your different stakeholder groups, we can then put action plans in place to leverage off the positive and see how best to improve on the negative aspects.

Too often companies spend thousands of Rand’s on communication and marketing campaigns without doing proper research to understand their audiences; then they don’t understand why their communication initiatives aren’t successful. Digging a bit deeper with our approach we find the underlying issues that are negatively impacting an organisation’s reputation and help build a solid foundation that the external communication campaigns can be built on.

Building and managing your relationships with your stakeholders is a key requirement that has been documented in Chapter 5 of the recently launched King IV Report.

Presenting figures to your management team will have a much greater impact than presenting them with the softer issues that communication management is usually associated with.

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The Reputation Matters Team


We are very proud of the success of the Repudometer® we’ve developed; it is one of the first research tools in South Africa that has been developed to measure organisational reputation.

Why is it important to know what your reputation is? Research has shown that an organisation with a positive reputation attracts and retains top employees; this enhances products and services delivery, which in turn results in customers wanting to support your business and ultimately positively contributing to your bottom line. Understanding what area of your business is important to your different stakeholder groups will help you to refine your business strategies to take your business and reputation to the next level.

There are five key elements that we measure when evaluating an organisation’s reputation based on stakeholder feedback and perceptions. It is important to note that there is an overlap with all these dimensions, they are not mutually exclusive. The whole organisation needs to work in unison. You can’t have wonderful marketing, but not have a sufficiently resourced staff compliment, nor does it help if you have fantastic workers but not have the necessary tools for them to do their work properly. Balance in all spheres of the business is vital when it comes to building a reputation.


Reputation research using our Repudometer®

If you have been in business for at least ten years and keen to take your reputation to the next level, we have a reputation management solution for you.

Media Liaison

As a strategic corporate reputation consultancy, Reputation Matters understands the value of strategy and has years of experience in creating clear, adaptable and results-oriented strategies.

Internal Communication

Our consulting team will guide you in all aspects of an effective communication strategy to maximise your organisation’s corporate reputation. Reputation Matters will provide guidance and hands-on innovative communication solutions to help build and grow your reputation.