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Have heard about PPC Management?


We are definitely not referring to the bosses of a certain cement company.

We are talking about the wonderful world of Pay Per Click Management.

Still a little perplexed?

If you go to Google and type “Metis Online” into the search bar, up will pop an ad at the top of the results page and if you click on it, it will take you to the Metis website.

So how did our ad manage to get to the top? We could go into a the jargon, but we’ll keep it straightforward. We work our magic by creating ads, inserting keywords and putting all the valuable information into Google AdWords to get it there.

If that’s not enough, we provide stats on exactly who is visiting your website, what they are looking for and which pages resonate with your customers. All Through Google Analytics. We also do advertising on Facebook and LinkedIn. So if you want to raise awareness of your brand or product then we can get it to show in Social Media feeds through sponsored content.

If you see a Metis Online banner following you around the web after you’ve visited our website, that’s also us. Don’t worry, we are not tracking your every movement, we simply want you to remember us. That’s called “remarketing” and your brand could be doing it too! Reminding customers of your brand after they have interacted with it online.

So although we don’t produce a product that creates cement, when we mix our service with your product we’ll conjure up something so solid and special it will take your sales to the next level.

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Whether you have a small business that offers sewing classes in Cape Town or are a larger corporation that sells cars nationwide.

You need to get your name online and that’s where we come into play with our PPC Services.

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Our Repertoire Includes

PPC Services

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So what exactly is the Google Partners Program?

It is a globally recognised certification program for AdWords, operated by Google itself. Partner status has been awarded to our company via the efforts of our Digital Marketing team and their adherence to the following criteria: maintaining their individual Google AdWords certifications, their focus on best practice and Google’s interpretation of our business health (determined by both AdWords spend and activity).

It’s Googles way of saying we know what we are doing!

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