Project Description

Energy Group

What we do…

Energy Group is a partnership of businesses physically engaged in the transformation of Southern African energy mix from dirty carbon fuels to clean energy.

We support a distributed energy model whereby intensive users can expect to optimise embedded and wheeled power generation opportunities, integrating technologies and financing options.

Our Focus…

 The group’s key focus is the development of clean energy projects on industrial sites, including scoping, developing, financing, engineering, construction, operation and maintenance. We have intimate knowledge of industrial ad commercial sites through a decades long track record of on-site projects and servicing.

The group has an established regional presence through technical offices in Cape Town, Johannesburg, Port Elizabeth and Pietermaritzburg. Energy Group’s combined skill set covers the energy spectrum.

We focus primarily on solar PV, storage and natural gas with the conviction that these are the most potent areas of change in the current energy climate.

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