If you are finding your office space super small and a real squeeze, consider how you can make it work with our office space saver tips.


Spring Clean Time!

Most times, you don’t have space in your office because you just have too much stuff!

It can be real pain sorting out your clutter, but once done, it’s just a matter of upkeep and maintenance.  A tidy and organised office breeds a productive lifestyle.

Start with one section at a time and have black bags at the ready for throwing away, or a shredder for personal and confidential documents.  For the items you want to keep, have either trays, files or boxes ready to file them into straight away.

Furniture Fun

Some furniture just takes up too much room.  But, if you just shop around a bit, you can find modular furniture, the kind that fits neatly into corners and utilises all its space productively. Think of joining desks together for making the space work better.  Opt for exercise balls to sit on instead of chairs.  Or, if you prefer chairs, consider downsizing, as some high back office chairs take up a lot of space.

Office Space Cape Town - The Bureaux

Use those walls

When it comes to presentations and storage, make use of the walls.  That huge television or projector screen, can be wall-mounted or better yet, opt for a smaller, store away laptop for presentations.  As for storage, go for units that can be attached to walls above desks and look to getting vertical storage units – a further space saving option.

Go Paperless

Scan in everything! There are many offices around the world, from small to large, who do not have one single piece of paper in their office.  Invest in a quality scanner and a shredder, and of course a good digital storage drive (or go to the cloud).

Desk Space

Very often, our desks take on too much.  I mean think about it.  What all do you need on your desk?  A laptop or even just a monitor at most.  A keyboard and mouse, and possibly a notepad. Done!  Be vigilant about keeping nonsense off your desk.  Don’t even have a filing tray on your desk, or it will become a bin for everything.  That Smartphone of yours?  There are many ways to stand it up so that its visible for calls, messages and even taking video calls.

An untidy and unorganised office can drastically affect productivity.  In addition, clutter can affect your mood negatively, and your ability to make sound decisions.

If you’re looking to increase space and your productivity, start with our tips.

Office Space Cape Town - The Bureaux


When you’re sitting at home, possibly snuggled up in bed still, laptop balancing precariously on a pillow, the mountain peering at your in sunny Cape Town, you may get your work done – sure – but will you get it all done, and will you get it done efficiently?

Stats show that “GETTING UP – GETTING OUT – AND GETTING BUSY” is key to productivity.  Being in a coworking space will help you to run your business more professionally.  And, if you’re around other creatives, you don’t even need to dress up. Come as you are. Okay, maybe leave the slippers at home.  But, seriously, a creative office and desk space can be just what you need to take your business to the next level.

If creative entrepreneurship is your game, then The Bureaux is your office space.

And, to add fuel to this creative fire, its affordable office space, located in central Sea Point, Cape Town and Cape Town’s unofficial creative hub, The Woodstock Exchange.

What more could you ask for?