Managing Office Romances

It happens.  As much as you tell yourself you shouldn’t get involved with someone who you either work with or is in the same building, office romances happens.

The heart knows what the heart wants … or is it the heart?  … well, let’s not dissect that theory right now.  Whatever governs why we get involved when we know we shouldn’t, we need to know how to manage office romances.

Office romances can be exciting, but they can also interfere with office politics, hierarchy and in the end your job.


Understand the Company Office Romance Policy

Not every company has rules about office romances, however, it is important to consider if they do and what it entails.  Some are super strict and just don’t allow it.  If that be the case, you need to make the decision as to whether you divulge it and ask for leeway, end it, or you hide it.  The latter can be very difficult to do, especially in a smaller concern. There is nowhere to hide – literally!  If you’re in a company that hasn’t laid down the law on office romances, it may still be a good idea to inform the powers that be of the relationship.  Depending on where you stand in the hierarchy of things, it could affect other people if things go pear-shaped.

Understand the Company or Office Culture

The intricacies of the office or company culture can play a big role in whether you let the cat out the bag.  Making a stand-on-the-desk announcement may not be the best way to handle it.  Consider the people in the office space and only you will know what approach is best. You may want to take each one aside and tell them, or you may actually not bother at all. Handling this with kid gloves is important, even in a co-working environment.  People can react oddly when others are acting all get-a-room-like.


Understand the Relationship Dynamics

Dependent on where you both fall into the organogram of the company, you may want to consider whether its firstly a good idea to go further and secondly whether you should announce it to everyone.  If you’re dating the boss, think about what would happen if you broke up.  If you’re involved with the PA, how will she react if you call it off?  Will you never receive another sales call or get a cup of coffee at your desk?  Petty, sure, but still something to consider.

Understand the Exit Strategies

When you decide to get involved, talk about the exit strategies.  Even a little romance needs some boundaries and rules, much like a marriage.  If anyone wants out, decide how that will be handled and ask yourselves whether you can still work with each other afterwards.

Even in the co-working and shared office spaces in the Bureaux, office romances can happen.  And, while we don’t have any rules about it, we do urge all involved to seriously consider the consequences.

On that happy note (lol), we do wish everyone love and happiness in this month of love!

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