By having the option to either rent a desk, a group of desks or your very own productive office space you can confidently keep your rental costs to the absolute minimum.
Month to month rental contract means you have no need to stick around if your situation changes. No 6 month or 1 year lease ‘noose around your neck’.
The only item you need to bring with you is your chair of choice. We supply desks, lighting, power supply, internet, kitchen facilities as well as access to meeting facilities.
There are no extra costs involved, excluding an appetite for big chunks of bandwidth that will cost a small amount extra per chunk.
So you pay R1,500 or R1,850 per month depending on what size desk space you select.
Major savings all the way!


Most entrepreneurs or small business owners almost always start off working from home and/or coffee shops.
Nothing beats a dedicated work space to ensure productivity and the ability to focus on your work with our being distracted by the hundreds of excuses we find as a happy alternative to work at home or in noisy, busy coffee shops.
A key benefit to working in our shared work habitat is the ability to exchange ideas, build new business relationships and plug into the productive buzz enjoyed by all our creative tenants.
Steve Jobs believed that the best ideas came from spontaneous meetings of the minds. Steve even planned for the PIXAR toilets to be in one central location so that creatives would bump into each other more often, consistently sparking new ideas.


Fast becoming known as the ‘creative hub’ of Cape Town, The Woodstock Exchange makes the perfect address for entrepreneurs and SME owner operators.
The owners of The Old Biscuit Mill saw an opportunity in 2011 and procured what was known as The Woodstock Industrial Centre.
By investing a serious amount of capital into the then rabbit-warren of passageways and dark corners, the project team knocked down walls, installed over 2 kilometers of glass and even knocked through floor slabs of concrete to create this well-lit, easy-flow hub of talent.
Tenants were sourced with the intent of collaboration amongst everyone. Certain prospective tenants were turned away if the owners could not see them fitting in with the master plan.
The 1,000sqm of ground floor space hosts key retailers including some of Cape Town’s best coffee offerings (Rosetta) and fine eateries too (Superette, Ocean Jewels Seafood, The Field Office)
We are proud to call The Woodstock Exchange our home and believe you will be proud too, having this address on your business cards.


Lease agreements can be confusing and intimidating unless your are fluent in Latin.
We keep things simple yet structured here.
You pay one months deposit together with your first months rent.
This deposit becomes your last months rent once you give notice to leave.
So for example you decide to spend a time working abroad, you give notice before the new month starts and your deposit pays the rent for that new month, being your last month before you head offshore.
You will sign a basic lease agreement that you can show to any supplier/ bank looking for FICA/ proof of business address.


Business Expansion is often more intimidating, albeit it exciting, for entrepreneurs.
In our space expansion is easy.
Do you need to take on 2 extra programmers or PR interns for 3 months?
No problem, just rent 3 desks for those 3 months.

Should you decide you are ready to migrate to your own office space form the shared environment, we can service your needs here too.
Expansion is easy with us!

Now you should be already dialing +27833253322 to come and view the options available to you…