South Africa joins Google Shopping revolution – Article contributed by Metis Online.


Did you recently search for a product online and noticed some “strange” sponsored ads at the top or on the side of the results page?

For example, you typed Nike shoes into the Google search bar and, instead of the usual text ads being displayed, you were hit with image ads that said “Shop for Nike Shoes on Google”. You also had the ability to scroll through the ads while the names of the retailers were at the bottom and every product included the price.

Welcome to the world of Google Shopping, ladies and gentlemen.

Yes, South Africa has joined the online shopping revolution and many would say “finally”. However, Luke Mckend, the country director of Google South Africa, admitted during the launch that he didn’t think it would happen this quickly.

“Three years ago when I was asked whether Google was bringing shopping to SA there weren’t enough advertisers with enough offers to make it work,” he revealed on his LinkedIn page.

“The SA online landscape has changed fundamentally since then – lots more advertisers and many more internet users are driven by the ongoing mobile revolution. This launch brings the best possible shopping experience to South African consumers and an awesome opportunity for retailers to sell more products.”

Nike shoes sidebar
Nike Shoes top bar

So What Exactly Is Google Shopping?

If someone searches for a pair of sneakers, then the ads of eCommerce websites that offer the product will be displayed at the top. Google Shopping links directly to your eCommerce website and takes away a lot of the hassle that irritates consumers.

How Does It Work?

Marketing agencies like us, Metis, will build Shopping Campaigns in Google AdWords. We will put in things like images, prices, URLs, SKUs (Stock Keeping Units) and other attributes in the product feeds or an inventory feed that allows your ad to pop up once someone searches for it.

Who Should Be Interested?

Any business with an eCommerce website that wants to improve on their user experience. Your customer will be able to see exactly what they looking for in the ad, which means the quality of the lead is also better for you.


South Africa is still lagging behind the likes of the United States and United Kingdom in terms of eCommerce, but the rate at which we are growing is rapid. Stats from Christmas and Black Friday also proved that South Africans are tired of standing in queues and prefer buying online.

So now is the time to jump on the eCommerce/Google Shopping bandwagon.


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