Choose an office space with purpose.

The Bureaux office tenants consist of small (startups) to medium sized businesses and we believe in adding value to their ambitions and brands. The Bureaux was founded on the ethos of entrepreneurship, a business spirit that encourages conversation, networking and assisting fellow entrepreneurs find solutions to their problems. The Bureaux Directory is aimed at providing our members with a tool that allows them to make use of their Coworking neighbours talents, skills and experience.

Find out who your fellow tenants are, what their industries may offer your business and if there is scope to work together. Keep in touch with their successes and even their failures (a key term in entrepreneurship) via our Magazine page. All members are encouraged to make use of our digital platform in order to grow their own business online.

It is not a sales pitch, it is a platform in which we aim to encourage, assist and inform our members. Stay current by keeping in touch with other industries and spot the opportunities that might enhance your core offering. The Bureaux is a hub of entrepreneurial activity, we encourage communication and are more than just a coworking space.

Providing more than just a desk or office suite, we provide a community.

Our members success is paramount to our own.

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