A Guide To Our Cape Town Office Space

Everyone needs a certain type of workspace.  Some like it quiet. Some like it buzzing with activity and creativity.  Others prefer an upmarket more professional feel.  While there are those that are happy with a minimalistic approach – i.e. just a desk and a chair.

At the Bureaux, we get that, and that is why we have a space for everyone and for everyone a space.

Across our 3 co-working branches, we cater for 3 very different types of business folk.  We acknowledge and applaud that the clothes maketh the man or woman, and similarly, the office needs to suit the professional too.

If you were not aware that the Bureaux has more than one co-working space, then we are here to educate you.  And, very different co-working spaces they are, but with a sole purpose in mind – to bring you a productive and creative working space, where you can grow and prosper without the heavy overheads that come with renting or owning your office.

Before we get into our 3 amazing co-working branches, let’s remind you why the Bureaux is the place to be.


Reasons to invest in co-working office space

1.    Come and go as you please

From the digital nomad to the guy that just wants a space to work and meet clients, there is a space for all kinds of workers.  The co-working world has become hugely popular all over the world, and the Bureaux saw a gap in the market in Cape Town a few years back.   A place where you don’t need to be worrying about locking up, staff and the other strains of owning or renting your own large office.  Here, you can choose to come and go as you please, doing what you do best – your business.

2.    No high overheads to worry about

When you get into an office rental contract or even decide to buy your own building, you sit with overheads that can really bring your business down.  And, not only can these be seriously high, they can fluctuate, putting you in a dicey position when the business isn’t going as well as it normally does.  No high rent, no high levies, and no maintenance to worry about, you can focus and gradually build your business up.  Sharing meeting rooms, a kitchen and pause areas can be easier on your pocket, especially when you are just starting out.

3.    Professionalism when you need it

Having a professional and appealing meeting room to bring your clients to can make all the difference when it comes to sealing those deals.  Coffee shops are great, and many do amazing business there, but some clients want to see that you are serious about growing.  Our shared spaces give you that opportunity to show off a little without cleaning out the bank account.

4.    Creative Collabs

You may not think you need anyone else, going about your business as you do, but with a shared environment, you will be pleasantly surprised how profitable collabs can form.  We have seen like-minded people and even those that didn’t think they would match up, end up doing crazy and profitable deals together.

That short conversation by the kettle or as you took the lift could end up being the biggest deal of your career.  We are not islands and we need to be connecting to people all the time.  Other people are our lifeblood and we find that the co-working space lends to the perfect platform to bring fellow professionals together.

5.    Digital Nomads Heaven

Today we live in a world where we don’t need to be tied to a desk or office.  We are able to produce work no matter where we are.  This applies mostly to the digital nomads amongst us.  These creatures can and do flit from one city to another, working off the digital connectivity – laptop in hand, and they are ready to go!  However, these tech vampires need a place to lay their hat once in a while, and co-working spaces are perfect for this.

Because the digital nomad works mostly on their own, they do rely heavily on a strong wi-fi connectivity, good collab buddies and occasionally a professional place to meet up with clients.

And, so then, where can one do all of this?

The Bureaux, of course!  With 3 amazing and versatile co-working office spaces to choose from in Cape Town, you are quite spoilt for choice!

Where are these amazing branches?

Our 3 locations are spread across beautiful Cape Town –  the wonderfully creative Woodstock, nestled nicely inside the trendy Woodstock Exchange on Albert Road.  Then for the local folk, who love the sea and sand of Cape Town, we have our sizzling Sea Point branch.  And, if you need to step it up a bit, try the worldly charm of the Waterclub branch situated in picturesque V&A Waterfront.

Intrigued?  Okay, great!  So, let’s explore each of these co-working spaces in detail …


Our electric Woodstock Branch brings you old-school charm with a flair of retro, just enough to get you in that creative mood.  Woodstock is definitely our creative branch, and it’s clear to see why.  Surrounded by all forms of creatives and magic makers, this Woodstock co-working space lends itself well to the right brainer professional.

The shared meeting rooms and private office suites are perfect to throw some ideas around and we know how the likes of web designers, copywriters, designers and sketch artists love to collab.

Reasons to book your space at our Woodstock branch

  • Woodstock is pretty central, allowing you to slip off and on to the N1 highway with ease. Shoot over to the CBD or head down to Canal Walk, you are about 10 minutes away from major shopping malls and amenities – perfect!
  • Shared meeting rooms and kitchen facilities means you can bring your clients into a professional environment without expending too much moola per month. Our meeting rooms and kitchens are kept tidy and clean by our staff all day long – no fuss – no worry. (but, be sure to be respectful of this communal space!)
  • Woodstock Exchange has an impressive plethora of offerings, from convenience shopping to retail therapy, when you need it. A selective few coffee shops means you can grab a bite or beverage when you have a break or for a client meeting.
  • Woodstock itself is filled with amazing history and authentic relics, not to mention the many quaint restaurants and cafes. And, if you fancy a vintage shopping spree, you have come to the right place.  Vibey Woodstock has much to offer other than our fantastic co-working offices.  Antique shops – Spas – Motels – Hotels – Food Shopping experiences – Coffee shops  – and so much more!


Our Sizzling Sea Point Branch is known as the local option, where most of our clients live just a stone’s throw away.  Sun, sea and Sea Point – the perfect combo for a work environment.

Choose from an allocated desk space or a private office suite – you have choices here.  With a laid-back surfer style atmosphere, our Sea Point co-working space is for that special urban/town professional.

Reasons to book your space at our Sea Point branch

  • A hop, skip and jump from the beach! A quick dip or walk on the beach and promenade will have you rebooted for another heavy work session.
  • Close to the V&A Waterfront as well as a list of restaurants as long as your arm, you are spoilt for choice.
  • Uncapped internet gives you high speed on demand – no excuses – keep working on along with great views.
  • A safe environment where you can leave your personal possessions on your allocated desk space – yes, seriously! We kid you not.


The worldly Waterclub Branch is for that premium executive who needs just a little bit more.  This is the professional that wants to impress and likes the nicer things in life.  And, you know who you are!  And, it’s quite alright too!  We get it!  That’s why we created this upmarket co-working space just for you!

Reasons to book your space at our Waterclub branch

  • A choice between premium allocated desk spaces and private office suites – again, you have choices, but with that little bit of a step up.
  • Uncapped internet will see you whizzing through your work in no time, ready to get on the road to your next appointment or head on home.
  • We have shared meeting rooms, a shared lounge and kitchen facilities for your use.
  • With our private office suites, you can opt for the reception service, ensuring you are always contactable – now isn’t that super impressive? We know your clients will be!
  • For your security, we provide parking and a fingerprint security access control – you never have to worry about your vehicle or theft of your property again!
  • However, maybe you want to leave the car behind and bike over to the very close V&A Waterfront – oh yes! We have bicycles available to rent – perfect to keep your blood flowing and the creative juices running high!

Where to from here?

If that didn’t get you salivating, then we don’t know what will!

The Bureaux, founded by Greg Beadle, a world-renowned photographer and entrepreneur, has so much to offer the professional business person.  Greg, who started out as a freelance photographer, realised very early on that, while he could move around at leisure working on shoots and taking photos, he did need a professional place to call home.  And, as it goes with freelancers, one is never quite sure where the next penny is coming from, so keeping expenses lean was vital.  The concept of co-working spaces was not new, but Greg wanted to create a unique and attractive offering, hoping to inspire other creatives to think broader.  And, he did just that with the Bureaux threesome.

And, there is more!

The Bureaux Business Services is here to aid further

And, with entrepreneurship in mind, the Bureaux offers The Bureaux Business Services too!

Customized service packages can help the entrepreneur who just doesn’t have the time.

What do you get?

You get to hire the service that suits your needs.  Much thought and research went into these packaged offerings and we are sure you will find something here that tickles your fancy.

Hire-a-Business Team

Outsource your CFO, HR and PA needs!  No need to employ these folk – simply sign up for this phenomenal time-saving package and breathe easier.


Don’t have time to get out there and sell?  Well, outsource it and increase your revenue ten-fold!


Working capital is necessary for any business, from start-ups to already established businesses.  If you need capital but have no idea where to start finding a suitable funder, then consider outsourcing this to a team who can project manage from A to Z.


You know what you do.  You know why you do it.  But, sometimes, you just can’t see the forest for the trees.  How do you grow your business?  Outsourcing to experts who are able to use their innovative ways and skills to plot out your future, can really make all the difference.

Tailor-made Packages

And, if you want to pick and choose certain aspects, then we have a package for that too!  Think legal assistance.  Think launches.  Think marketing.  Think digital innovation.  The sky really is the limit here.

With the Bureaux Business Services and your very own office space, you can be flying high within your business in no time.  And, listing yourself on our exclusive Co-working Directory will also further your reach.  Did we leave anything out?  We don’t think so!

If you have any questions which couldn’t be answered here, please get in touch with us, and we are sure we can assist you.  We look forward to introducing the Bureaux to you personally!