On average, we spend about 90 000 hours of our life working.  That’s a lot of time in an office or at a desk.  It makes sense, then, to ensure that our working environment is healthy.  And, what do we mean by healthy?

In order to perform at your best and still live a work/life balance, one must address certain elements in our life.

With regards to your office, small changes can really make huge positive differences. At The Bureaux, we believe that a change is as good as … well … moving your desk. Sure, it’s not that simple, so let’s explore how you can create a healthy office with just a few small changes.


Whether it’s cold or hot outside, you want to have an average optimal temperature inside.  This, most times, is achieved through aircon, but very often, the aircon can cause you to get ill.  It’s either too cold or too hot.  The term ‘room temperature’ refers to an ambient and comfortable 20°C, so it’s advisable to set your aircon between 20°C and 22°C.

This will ensure that when you leave the office to go outside, the shock to your body temperature to whatever the temperature is outside, is minimal.


Following that, it is imperative that your office have some fresh air, which we understand can be tough when you in the middle of a freezing winter or the air outside is humid and hot.  However, the skin, the lungs and the eyes, all need fresh, clean air during the day.  If you find that you cannot bring in that element, or the other staff members moan when you crack the window open a touch, be sure to get a deep gulp or five outside regularly throughout the day.


We all work in different manners, and some are most productive when the music is blasting at top volume.  Others prefer dead silence or soft background tunes.  White noise will always be part of our office experience, however, to appease everyone, consider wearing earphones.  Further, surrounding noise can be distracting and can affect productivity, so consider ways to alleviate disturbing noise, such as fish bowl rooms, absorbent wall materials for outside clatter, and earphones that have total block out.

Bureaux Sea_point_6


Our eyes take constant strain and many are finding that they have to revert to spectacles or upgrade their current eyewear due to failing eyesight.  Light can play a big part in maintaining healthy eyes, so be sure there is lots of natural light in the office.  Where natural light is not possible, make sure you take regular breaks from your digital screens and also take a few moments to close your eyes completely.

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