Coworking Office Space Myths – Fact or Fiction?

Many haven’t heard about coworking office spaces.  For some, it sounds like a cesspool closely related to backpackers and hostel environments.  Well, we are here to debunk the myths around coworking office spaces once and for all.


Start your business with minimal expenses

MYTH #1      –        THEY ARE EXPENSIVE

This is the most ludicrous myth of them all.   Coworking spaces were born because of the need for low cost but effective office spaces.  Many start-ups and entrepreneurs with big ideas started out in a coworking space, such as The Bureaux.  The cost of renting an office space, even super small rooms, as opposed to sharing space with other like-minded people, makes perfect sense, when you are just starting out.


Sure, there are freelancers that find the coworking space perfect for them due to the nature of their work, but there are many businesses, with staff, that utilise these affordable office spaces.  UBER actually started out in a coworking space and Microsoft swears by them.

TheBureaux Coworking

You can still get work done in a coffee shop


What?!  No ways!  The habitants of shared office spaces could very well just sit at home or in a coffee shop, but they have chosen to invest in a working environment that promotes and encourages dedication and productivity.  Take a spare moment and just spend a few in one of The Bureaux’s three coworking office spaces, either Cape Town, Sea Point or Woodstock, and you will see how not-wannabeish and so not dropout material these guys are.

 MYTH #4      –        ITS UNPRODUCTIVE

It is, in fact, the very opposite.  Just by being in close proximity with others will spur on productivity like you won’t believe.  When one can hear ideas flowing all around you, excited telephone conversations of deals being sealed, and people collabing on numorous projects, you gotta know that these are the most productive folk ever.

The Bureaux Security

Safety and security are key


We understand why some may think this, after all, you are sitting in a communal environment, an open office plan situation, and who knows what happens when you leave to go to the loo.  But, we can say, with confident assuredness that we haven’t experienced even one report of theft or fraud within our three coworking spaces.   Remember, everyone is in the same boat as the next guy, and so they, indirectly, look out for one another.  It really is like one happy family, and while they may not all converse or connect with each other, they do have each other’s backs.  All of our spaces are equipped with finger print identification access, so only the people in your space are able to enter.

And, so we encourage and welcome anyone who wishes to experience our coworking spaces.  Just give us a call.