Coworking and shared office space – the benefits

Much has changed over the years in terms of the general day to day working environment. It’s largely believed that many young professionals today are moving more towards the realm of freelancing. This has brought the urge and need for coworking and shared office spaces into the limelight. There seems to be a world of benefits to this. Here is a rough guide to these benefits and why so many more young independent professionals are deciding to go the coworking route.

What is Coworking

What is Coworking

Coworking is a new way in which people who work independently, can find some kind of solidarity amongst other people within similar industries.  The freelancers, the travelers, the movers and shakers who need to be out there in the field not just in the office, these are the ones who are embracing the benefits of shared office spaces.  It’s hard to feel like a team to brainstorm and to get motivated when you’re always alone this is the idea behind shared working spaces or coworking.

Coworking Space

Sharing of ideas

A few years ago, while waiting to pass time before a flight from Cape Town International Airport to Durban, I decided to kill some time and write a blog post for my then companies’ website. And then writer’s block hit me. My brain simply couldn’t come up with one decent topic worth writing about. I needed ideas, collaboration.

Coworking spaces making sharing of ideas easy, it’s nice to know what people in slightly different fields are doing and this can lead to a lot more collaboration. Collaboration is highly important for professionals within creative independent industries.

Less stress and more interaction

It’s believed that somewhere around 60% of people working in co-working environments are susceptible to having a more relaxed working space. Which will enable their productivity to be higher. When someone is generally happier in their working environment they also produce better work. Stress is not just a killer in the office, it can also affect other parts of life, and this is something that shouldn’t be taken lightly.

A healthy alternative

Statistics show that people who opt to go for coworking or shared office space and in fact healthier than in the traditional office space. This was according to an article published off the Huffington Post entitled ‘11 Incredible Coworking Statistics That Will Make You Leave Your Cubicle (Infographic)’

Concentration and focus are important

It’s believed that people are deemed to have a lot more focus when put into coworking offices and situations.  This is believed to be true for the fact that everyone who has committed to the arrangement is there to work and there are overheads in keeping the space operational whereas in a coffee shop type space it’s all about getting away for a few hours which in many ways got be more distracting than actually helpful.

Coworking helps fight isolation

It’s extremely easy to feel or become isolated as a freelancer, which can lead to it becoming quite hard to motivate oneself when the only person you have around is you. Coworking greatly helps with combating this by enabling people to have a community of people who are like minded but also in the same boat. Grab coffee together or just chat to each other about what you are up to currently.

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