4 Reasons to Live and Work in Cape Town

If you’re thinking of moving to Cape Town, – first port of call is to say “Well Done!” and second would be to give you that extra nudge in convincing you why you should.  Besides that you have chosen to consider a move to one of the most amazing cities in the world, you will, more than likely, never leave once you’ve planted your roots here.

While there are most definitely more than 4 reasons, we decided to share the ones that will sway your decision quicker.


Ask any Joburger what they like best about Cape Town, whether they are a frequent visitor or have left Cape Town for a work opportunity – the great possibility of a fab work/life balance.  We say possibility, because it does take some planning to have a perfect work/life balance, no matter where you live, but in Cape Town, it really is quite easy to adopt.

We have the sea and a choice of a few beaches – whether you like the cold water of our West Coast or the balmy temperatures in the South, you have choices – and that’s the great part.

The weather generally in Cape Town is favourable and you can be out and about, sporting, or enjoying nature -a cycle to work is even very possible because of our somewhat safer roads than anywhere else in SA.


If you’re starting up a new business, relocating your existing business or opening up a new branch, there are so many choices for office space.

You can go with shared office space, if that works for your type of business.  You can look at a hot desk where you can come and go as you please, paying on an hourly basis.  Sizes of offices are varied and plentiful.  Need just a room? – Sorted!  Need a couple of separate offices and a boardroom? Sorted! Need a month to month rental and not a fixed year on year rental? Sorted!

And, of course, The Bureaux can offer you all of this, as we have three amazing locations right here in beautiful Cape Town – just ask!


There is no doubt that Cape Town has a very diverse culture, what with 11 official languages spoken, you are in good company.   And, don’t get us started on the myriad of cuisines you can enjoy.  Almost every restaurant, and we have loads, offers a different style of eating, often allowing you to enjoy a meal from another country every night!


Many businesses are opening up offices in Cape Town.  Sure, we have a very different approach to business and doing business, but we still get the job done.  You will forgive us if we pop out for a quick surf in between meetings, right?  A few industries that stand out in Cape Town are the mining industry and the finance – the latter incorporating insurance, banking, real estate and business services.

Still not convinced?  Well, then just come look at our magnificent and world record-worthy mountain.  That should do it!

If you’re in need of offices, whether shared or co-working spaces, own offices, large offices, small offices, month to month rental or longer leases, you know where to turn to – The Bureaux is, of course, another reason to move to Cape Town!

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