4 Benefits Of Having A Professional Headshot

All of us are swayed by first impressions.  When it comes to meeting someone through a media portal, such as LinkedIn, Opportunity, or any of the other more professional social media platforms, you cannot help being influenced by their headshots.  Or, in some instances, the lack thereof.

We are visual people by nature and while it may seem superficial, we do base a load on what we see on an initial quick look.  And, that is all it takes really … 20 seconds … according to Malcolm Gladwell.

Whether you’re skipping through LinkedIn, receiving a Z-card or Comp card from a model, or browsing through the newspaper, you will realise pretty quickly that professional headshots are vital to portraying … well … a professional look.

And, so we thought we would convince you further with 4 benefits of having a professional headshot.

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Tell Your Story

Your personality can shine through with a headshot.  We are not saying you need to be all wacky and wild, but you can most certainly capture a person’s essence with a quality headshot.  Think about the background.  Think about the location.  Think about the surrounding colour and your clothing colour.  Think about your expression and the angle of your face.  All can bring through that special something that is uniquely you.

You, Your Career, Your Brand

You have probably heard a lot about that you are your brand.  Sure, you may represent a company, a modelling agency, or even run your own business, but at the end of the day, people deal with people.  And, you need to be portraying yourself as you see your own brand.  Consider your profession.  Consider your target audience.  And, think about how you want others to see you.

Ready for whenever you need them

You never know when you will be asked to supply a headshot.  Nowadays, people don’t have time to meet each other.  They first want a taster, then possibly a phone chat, then maybe a Skype video call, and finally, if all the boxes are ticked, a face-to-face meet up.

From an interview for a new job to an audition.  From a proposal for a tender to membership to a club.  You may just be asked to submit a headshot along with your resume, Z-Card or proposal document.

Shows you are a professional to be taken seriously

There are photos out there that look like they had either a really good time the night before or a really bad time.  Photos that make one wonder if the person is smoking something newly legal … or just has permanent red eyes.  Photos that look like they were taken with a smartphone, and not a good one at that.

A headshot that is professional, clear and savvy will earn you brownie points every time!

If you’re that guy or gal that needs a good set of headshots, consider Global Headshots, owned by Greg Beadle, who has been in the business of professional headshots and portraits for the past 11 years.

Global Headshots looks forward to crafting your perfect headshot.

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