Collaboration is pivotal

Collaboration is a great way in which to become inspired, you are getting to bounce ideas off of varies people who have different backgrounds and experiences in life. Which means their outlook on your problem wil be vastly different. This is how top entrepreneurs have learnt to understand that taking other peoples advice and experience and merging it into your outlook will inspire you to do great things. This is what opting for shared office space could very well be the answer you need . You won’t just be around people within your own company or sitting at home with your cat. Instead network and chat to people from other companies who inspire you to approach problems and tasks in new ways that are traditionally out of your normal sphere or expertise.

Failure is just the beginning

“I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” – Thomas Edison

People in general are absolutely terrified of failure; however failure is actually just a building block to great things. Do you honestly believe half, if not any, of the great inventions of the world were created without failure first? Use this as a part of your inspiration. As entrepreneurs this is a motto of sorts. Nobody likes failing, but if you approach failure without fear and are willing to take the hard-times on and lick your wounds with pride. Then failure is not truly failure. It’s tough we know, we’ve been there, but again we are here to help when you need advice or mentorship.


Set realistic targets

Although whimsical almost dream world like inspiration is important, especially when one is getting the juices flowing and the ideas fresh. It’s important to also be realistic in your goals and aspirations as not to be left disappointed when wishing to achieve greatness in your chosen business venture. Naturally it’s important to dream big but one also needs to be realistic at the same time.  Setting realistic goals will inspire you to do better but also keep you grounded at the same time. Set small goals that are attainable. This week i want to meet 5 new potential clients. This week i want to save on lunch costs. Next week I want to hire President Obama as my CEO. Okay we got carried away there but you know what we mean. If you set realistic goals and achieve them, your motivation will remain and you know how to eat an elephant right? One bite at a time. Setting achievable goals that are consistently reached will turn you into an overnight success.

Think out of the box

Don’t be confined to the perceptions around you. It’s vitally important to always think out of the box, inspiration does not come from mundane boring things but exciting prospects that might seem fantastical at first but in reality is exactly what one needs to strive. Obviously this doesn’t mean you’re going to discover or invent some magical devise that turns coal into gold but having this kind of attitude will enable you to dream big and actualize amazing projects that you can slowly put into action beyond the norm. This will ensure your ideas take flight.

Music and the Arts

Download some new music, get out of your artistic comfort zone. READ!!!!! Expand your mind through the ideas of others. The smallest decision to read a book on a topic that interests you could be life changing. Finding a new song that you like will give you the rush to finish off that design project you’ve been stuck on. Fire those mental synapses by putting new tunes and ideas into that noggin of yours. One of our tenants, Fort Hartley, actually have a page on their website that just has new music choices updated every month in the hopes someone finds some inspiration from it.


Nothing inspires like travel, so why not get out there and explore, The continent of Africa alone has a variety of great places in which to inspire ideas and exploration which will translate into great entrepreneurial quests. Ever been to Namibia? I haven’t, but the other day I found out they have the worlds largest underground lake called Dragons Breathe. I want to see that, it’s firmly on my bucket list. Time spent travelling is never wasted. Opening your eyes to the ways of the world are a fun experience, there are methods out there that are second nature to some ,but foreign to you, it will blow your mind. That is what travelling is essentially about. And you never know who you are going to meet or what you’ll come across that sparks that next idea in your head for future venture. Roll the dice, go travel.


Inspiration is everywhere, we just have to get out of own minds sometimes to accept it. Friends and family can be great sources of inspiration, even if they seem negative, learn to channel that negativity into a sounding board for ideas. Pessimistic people sometimes have a point. Learn to take advice from those around you to heart, it doesn’t mean you always have to use it. But it will take you mind a little further down the road and those great ideas are just around the corner.